Teacher in class
Teacher in class/ commons wikimedia

A teacher from South Africa is the toast of the town at the moment. The man has come up with a novel way to make his classes fun and to arouse interest in his children.

The enterprising teacher has been using music to teach his students. In a video posted by Tabloid Africa SA we see the students answering questions while dancing.

The music that is playing in the background is called Kwaito and you can see the joy and mirth as the students participate in the math class.

The teacher allows the students to each come to the board to answer a question. He also dances with them as they approach the board. Each time a student stands up to go to the board they must dance while going there. Check out the video below:

Wish My Teacher Was This Cool!

We need more teachers like this! 👌 Teaching through dance

Posted by Tabloid Africa SA on Friday, August 3, 2018

While some may challenge the way this young and ingenious teacher goes about his business, I don’t. I happily applaud him for putting joy and laughter into an activity that is hitherto boring for the wandering teenage mind.

Considering that South Africa has the most unequal school system in the world, says Nic Spaull of the University of Stellenbosch.

Of 200 black pupils who start school just one can expect to do well enough to study engineering. Ten white kids can expect the same result.

Many of the problems have their roots in apartheid. Also responsible for this is the lack of accountability and the abysmal quality of most teachers.

So when we can see a teacher who cares so much about his students, let us applaud him.

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