They were, without doubt, some of the biggest household names in the Kenyan entertainment industry in the late 90s.

However, for reasons only known to them, most of them took a break from the scene, and even though they’ve been trying to come back, Kenyans seem to have forgotten them.

The only secret to surviving in the Kenyan entertainment industry is consistency. Even if you’re singing about matatus and you’re favourite meal just keep doing it. Someone somewhere likes them.

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Here are some of the Kenyan celebrities who are no longer as popular as they used to be a few years ago.

#1. Vinnie Banton –  His song “Githurai” remains to be one of the biggest hits in the Kenyan music history, but where are the artistes behind it?


#2. Mr.Lenny – The ‘Helena’ singer was without a doubt one of the greatest vocalists back then. All Kenyan artistes wanted to have this guy on the chorus for their tracks to sound good. He tried making a comeback and I guess he’s still trying.


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#3. Jimwat – After getting the whole country jamming to his tracks such as SemaNami Sweetie, Sitoi Kitu Kidogo, Under 18 and others, Jimwat got into drugs and stopped doing music. Just like Mr. Lenny, he’s still attempting to make a comeback.


#4. Bamzigi – “Nani yule African Banzi..naleta flow mpaka vichwa yvatoboka”. The Bounce was a national hit that you couldn’t miss hearing on your favorite radio station. Bamzigi now focuses on the production of music. 

#5. Maurice Odumbe – The former cricketer was one of the most popular Kenyan sportsmen and a millionaire. He then became a beggar in the streets of Nairobi after some issues. Thanks to Robert Burale, Maurice was taken to rehab and I hope he’s now doing fine.

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#6. Kunguru – He took a break from music to concentrate on his other career. Unfortunately, Kenyans forget so quick and it’s not easy to make a comeback

#7. Ngomongo – If you used to watch one of the oldest local comedy shows on Kenyan TV Vitimbi, then you definitely know this guy. Apparently nowadays all he does is get properly wasted on liquor.

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