It’s absurd how nowadays people just want to be successful so fast without even putting in the work. Honestly, betting has become so popular in Kenya because everyone wants to be an overnight millionaire and as much as shortcuts are good, sometimes what comes easily goes easily. 

President Uhuru’s Oldest Son Shows Off His Beautiful Girlfriend (PHOTOS)

Yes, Baba wa Taifa also hustled his way up. Before becoming the first president of Kenya, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta appeared on the film ‘Sanders of The River’ in 1935. Kenyatta was apparently paid £1.05 for his role as an extra in the British film which was directed by Hungarian-British director, Zoltán Korda, based on the stories of Edgar Wallace.Jomo_Kenyatta

Kenyatta’s role entailed putting on tribal clothing and standing next to Bosambo for a single scene. He maintains a serious face throughout the six minutes.

It’s alleged that Kenyatta never talked about it because the film celebrated the British colonial cause for the natives. However, after his cameo appearance, he presented the director with an inscribed silver cigarette case, ostensibly as a token of thanks.


Check out the film below;

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