Shiko Kaitanny

Many remember Shiko Kaittany from her promotional show Tazama Chapaa on Citizen TV. At the time, the sassy lass was a radio presenter at Hot 96. However, she left Royal Media Services to join Classic 105, after a few years stint at the media giant.

She briefly worked at Classic 105 as a mid-morning presenter, in absence of Tina Kagia. She vowed to move on with life, in or off the media.

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Away from the hustle and bustle of the media, she was to find a new passion which she has gone ahead to make her new profitable venture. And she is making a kill with it! Quite literally.

Shiko Kaittany is slowly but surely becoming a professional farmer. According to her, it started as a hobby at her kitchen garden in Muthaiga, Nairobi, but it’s now a fully-fledged commercial venture.

“I picked up my farming from my mum’s kitchen garden. But I am now doing commercial farming from that hobby. I have a one acre land at Karura which I am also doing farming. I make supplies to homes, offices and my major client, Spring Valley Oven in Lower Kabete but I want to expand my target to mini-markets. farming is life, cool and totally profitable business,” she exclusively told Mpasho on phone.

She went commercial barely two months ago but Shiko says that the venture is very promising.

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She is currently farming green leaf lettuce but she says that she will start growing the red leaf variety soon.

“My produce is 100 per cent organic. I have been encouraged so much by the people I have been doing deliveries to. They are so happy and that gives me so much encouragement to go on. I hope more and more people will find fun and exciting ways to enjoy their food, and experiment with greens like lettuce.”

See her photos as a farmer below: