Zari Hassan has found a way into the hearts of Kenyans.

She has developed a fan base around East Africa. Considering the fact that she was born in Uganda, she definitely had them. Then she got married to the most controversial man right now, Diamond Platnumz from Tanzania and captured them. By there mere fact that she was Diamonds wife, she grew into the Kenyan hearts.

Zari and Diamond Platnumz

After Diamond hurt Zari, she now became Kenyan broken women’s inspiration. The mantra being, if he does not do you right, leave and build your own empire. She lost her first love Ivan who left her in charge of all his wealth riches and investments and we must agree she is the perfect manager.

Zari came to Kenya a few weeks ago to host The Color Purple event and True Love got a chance to interview her. The cover photo depicted exactly who she is, the boss lady.

Zari Hassan opened up about a lot including her late mother.

Halima Hassan, Zari’s mother was romantically involved with an Indian man, Zari’s father.

Well, Halima Hassan raised Zari and her 7 siblings alone. She refers to her mother as a hustler. Halima’s hustle was curtain making which reminds Zari of the many times her mother was overwhelmed by orde4rs from almost the all hotels in Jinja.


I remember her being overloaded with orders for curtains for almost all the hotels in Jinja

Despite the curtains, her dressmaking skills were known. In fact, she says she was the best in town and all those orders caused her sleepless nights. Halima’s goal was to make sure her children are well fed and educated.

‘Wacha azae tuu,’ Zari responds to rumours that Hamisa is pregnant for Diamond, again!

With such great memories, she was devasted when she lost her mother last year July. Halima was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer and the worst part is they found it when it had already eaten her up to the last stage.

She describes her mother as her best friend. She told her mother any and everything and the best part was, she taught Zari the amazing cooking skills she has.

we were so close. We talked about almost everything and she taught me how to cook. I think my mum moulded me into the woman I am today. she taught me to stand tall in what you believe in and to love yourself most of all