Betha Kafuru, a Tanzanian woman was killed by her 27-year old boyfriend after she allegedly refused to get married to him despite him funding her lifestyle.

James Paulo, a police officer attached to anti-graft agency in Tanzania (Takururu), has been arrested after he allegedly killed his girlfriend.

James Paulo allegedly fired three bullets into the head of his lover, Beatha Kafuru, killing her on the spot.

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The incident happened at the suspect’s home in Tunduru, Ruvuma.

Authorities told Tanzanian news outlets that Paulo killed his girlfriend after she refused to marry him despite the suspect financing her college education.

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Betha Kafuru a Tanzanian woman killed by her boyfriend Paulo for turning down a marriage proposal

Kafuru completed her diploma in nursing course recently.

Paulo told police that he had planned to marry Kafuru, whom he shares a child with, once she was out of school.

Below are some of the condolence messages

Mungu ametoa na mungu ametwaa pumzika kwa aman betha kafuru huu utawagusa wooote waliosoma mboza mission mbeya huyu alikuwa Mtoto wa sekend master kafuru hakika mungu yu mwema pumzka kwa aman dogo weetu.

Which translates to

‘God gives and God takes rest in peace Betha Kafuru.

This death will touch all those who studied at Mboza Mission ,Mbeya.

She was the daughter of second master Kafuru, God is good rest in peace.’

Another added

‘Pumzika kwa Amani Mwenyezi mungu Akuepushe na Adhabu ya kaburi Amina’

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