Martha Mwaipaja

Tanzanian gospel artiste Martha Mwaipaja confirmed that she and her husband separated over what she termed as a betrayal

Martha MwaipajaShe said this in an interview with fellow singer Christina Shusho.

“I separated with my husband like two years ago. I am not there to try, I have already decided and people cannot be together if they don’t understand each other. Many married people nowdays are just living and not understanding each other. You will later find yourself giving birth to kids who don’t have grace.”

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Martha MwaipajaAsked whether it is a trial separation or complete divorce she said, “I don’t have the time to just separate. We have lived together for so many years and If you see that you are going to fall in a pit, there is no time to give each other time. That is where you decide. I have made my decision.”

The two were blessed with a child whom she says she has been taking care of since they parted ways.

“I have a child whom I take care of. I was the one who got myself in and also got myself out. Anyone who knows that person will clap for me but whoever doesn’t know him will point fingers at me.”

Adding, “I could have died. I thank God for protecting me from death and betrayal. He was a man of God and the churches he had have all been closed. If it’s not God, people might have buried me by now.”

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“A time reaches where you wish you could die or get lost but when those words came to me, I was filled with Grace. If you see me crying, know that God has fought for me. A message to women, if you see your knowledge has come to an end, don’t force it, you are calling death and don’t get out and go away from God. I encourage people through my songs and I know what pain is.”

“Marriage should be respected by all but the husband or wife should not make you wrong God.”