Diamond, Tanasha and Nick Mutuma
Diamond, Tanasha and Nick Mutuma

Diamond and Tanasha Donna have been the couple that has made tongues wag and hags nag. The two have not faltered and are still going strong, with Tanasha speaking about getting married later on this year.

Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz
The couple killed it with their fashionable attires.

Nick Mutuma and Tanasha dated when she came back to Kenya after her long stay in Belgium. She even told us in a past interview that he was the reason that she decided to reside here:

When I came to Kenya in 2015, the plan wasn’t to move back to Kenya, to be honest, but I ended up falling in love with my ex Nick Mutuma.┬áI ended up staying.

Nick and Tanasha
Nick and Miss Donna in a file photo

That made me wonder? How much of an influence was Nick on Tanasha and would Diamond be able to better him?

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We asked Mpasho readers for their take and here are the results:

Screenshot of the result

The outcome was that the poll revealed that the majority believed that Nick was a better choice for Tanasha than Diamond.

Diamond Platnumz and Miss Donna

This is shocking for me, considering the clout and appeal the Tanzanian artiste has in East Africa. This poll will certainly not affect their relationship but shows that a majority of people are still not convinced about the efficacy of their relationship.

Tanasha with Diamond
The NRG host with Diamond

Are you?

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