It does seems like there is trouble in paradise?!

After the baby shower on Thursday night at a posh Dar es Salaam hotel, Diamond and his boys went out and partied hard.

In videos seem by, Diamond was dancing and drinking copious amounts of alcohol.

Tanasha was nowhere to be seen.

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At one point, Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika was spotted hanging out with them together with her doctor bae, Jimmy Chansa.

Vera revealed that a bold Nigerian man tried to woo her by sending Champaigne to her table.

This is what happened.

Anyhow, It seems Tanasha is not at all happy about being left out in the festivities.

She posted a cryptic message that could only target one person, her baby daddy, Diamond.

“And Yeah, I love my baby daddy, but if he f**k other b***h, I won’t ever ever touch him.”

Adding, “He knows it.”

Vera Sidika shows up almost bare at Tanasha Donna’s baby shower

Tanasha was using part of the lyrics of Come Closer by A Boogie wit da Hoodie. This was her favourite segment of the song.

Even when you’re with your lover and your phone’s on mute
When I call you an Uber, you gon’ come right through
Need to cry you a river
If you lie, won’t forgive you
And I won’t ever, ever trust you
And I won’t ever, ever miss you
And yeah I love my baby mother
But if she fuck another nigga
I won’t ever, ever touch her
And don’t you ever get it twisted
Yeah, I’ma cry me a river
Just get it out your system
You know how much I really want you.

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