Yummy mummy Tanasha Donna is hella mad.

She can’t believe that people think she faked the birth date of her son for Instagram likes and views.

Tanasha welcomed her son with Diamond Platnumz on October 2, the same birth date as Diamond.

Pundits did not believe it.

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Tanasha Donna
Tanasha with her son

To prove them wrong, she posted the birth notification of her son in Aha Khan Hospital in Dar es Salaam.


“I know people do a lot for clout. But fake my son’s Birthday for 15 minutes of Clout? Only an idiot can do that. What Kind of mother would I be to have my son celebrate false Birthday each year? I would be a selfish mother to do that. Foolish blogs. Never get their facts right” she wrote

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Tanasha added that there is no way a reputable organisation like Aga Khan hospital in Dar Es Salaam would have colluded with her in making a fake birth certificate for her son.

Tanasha Donna
Tanasha Donna after giving birth

“Aga Khan Hospital would never post a fake Birthday because it would be very easy to sue them. Several staff, nurses and doctors can confirm the truth. You think the hospital would really risk their reputations and millions of shillings for 15 minutes of Clout?’

Adding, “I wanted to remain silent but sometimes you just gotta put these fools in their place. Watch out they will say these documents are fake too” said Tanasha Donna

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Check out the birth notification below.


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