Tanasha and Diamond together
Diamond and Tanasha

Tanasha Donna has sky-rocketed to become one of the most popular entertainers in Kenya and Tanzania. The reason for that is her relationship with Diamond that started late last year.

Tanasha Donna
The NRG presenter

The two have become inseparable with each visiting the other in their respective countries of residence.

Last week the NRG radio presenter stayed the entire week in Diamond’s homeland of Tanzania, with the two enjoying a blissful time together.

The beauty in a gown

While there, we at Mpasho.co.ke spoke exclusively to Tanasha and she divulged some juicy news about getting married.

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First off, why did the two push the wedding date from February 14th?

She explained:

The wedding wAS supposed to be on February the 14th but I told Diamond that I can’t do it until my mom is here, and she can’t leave work at the moment.

Tanasha and her family
With her mother

So when is the tentative date for their impending nuptials? She said they were thinking of a date later in the year, stating that:

We are thinking probably towards the end of September is when we are planning. I am the one who had to cancel it, simply because I canceled because my mother has to be there and my family could n’t be able to come in February.

Tanasha Donna and Diamond
The lovers together

One must remember that Diamond’s ex Zari unceremoniously dumped him on February 14th. It would have served as poetic justice/revenge for the star if were he able to tie the knot an exact year after the end of that relationship.

Diamond and Zari
The two in the past

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