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The cat is out of the bag. Tanasha welcomed her child ages ago.

The couple, Tanasha and Diamond Platnumz seem to be waiting for the opportune time to announce their son’s arrival.

But the sad part is, they have so many leaks.

Diamond’s dad revealed that the baby arrived days ago in a media interview and now, Tanasha’s manager, Faiza Hersi, has also let slip that she visited the child.

Tanasha Donna

Revealed! How Diamond and Tanasha kept the birth of their baby secret

In a past Instagram post, Faiza indicated that working for Tanasha was a great honour. It seems they are very close.

“Thank you @tanashadonna for trusting and taking me on this journey with you as your manager. This has been one of those things I knew I’d fall into eventually, but I feel absolutely blessed to have fallen into it with you baby girl! Let’s get to this bagggg, baby! 🌪🎼👑 #AfricanKrisJenner #NewVentures #TanashaDonna #DonnatellaEP #ComingSoon #EastAfricasFinest #RisingStar.”

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Tanasha Donna manager fay
Faiza Hersi, Tanasha Donna’s manager

Today, Fay revealed that she has met Tanasha’s firstborn child.

Here is what she wrote,

“So excited to meet you baby boy, send all my love to baby girl. @TanashaDonna, we got this.”

Tanasha Donna

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