That title pretty much sums up the advice I would give to Tanasha Donna about her superstar bae, Diamond Platnumz.

Why? Well, that is where things get interesting. I do not have an altruistic reason to proffer but a decidedly cynical one: Tanasha Donna should be focussed on not playing the idiot.

You see, Diamond has a decidedly checkered past when it comes to being faithful to his official love interests and paramours alike. Tanasha Donna knew this going in. She knew she was going to be dealing with a man who was not only known for his musical talents but his conquests too.

Diamond posing

And with the new rumours beginning to swirl, about whether or not he has reignited his flame for his old conquest Lynn, Tanasha has jumped into the fray to defend her man. What a noble thing to do aye? Here’s the thing however, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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Diamond’s faithfulness to Tanasha is a toss-up. Odds are 50-50 that he was faithful. Actually, scratch that. Given his track record, most fans believe the odds of his faithfulness are as low as 17%. And that is according to a recent poll we conducted:

Mpasho Poll: Do you believe Diamond has already begun cheating on Tanasha Donna

Tanasha Donna and Diamond

If we are to approach this like an investment, the worst case scenario for her, she will be left utterly humiliated. Can you imagine how happy Zari will be seeing her devastated? Because let’s face it, Zari has been timing some of her posts about relationships for shortly after Tanasha celebrates her love.

Unless he wears a diaper, you can’t change him – Zari’s thoughts on men

If indeed, Diamond has somehow managed to find the Herculean strength not to cheat on Tanasha, then what does she lose by not having spoken? Absolutely nothing!

Add to this the winning factor silence would avail to her if Diamond has been cheating and she was silent. She can easily opt to keep dating him and playing possum. She will eventually leave when it suits her and she can play at being the brave, long-suffering woman. This would basically mean she would copy from Zari’s playbook.

Zari Hassan rose
Zari Hassan black rose symbolizing death

The moral of this long opinion post? Tanasha, if you see this, remember, loose lips sink ships.