Tanasha Donna

Tanasha Donna will be handing out Ksh 40,000 to four “amazing mothers during these tough times”.

This is part of her female empowerment campaign to uplift fellow woman.

She even shared WhatsApp messages between her and her manager, Castro, where they exchange uplifting Mother’s Day messages.

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Check it out below.

In the message, Tanasha commends her manager for helping her make millions the last few months.

“We’ve made millions in a few months. It’s rare for people to do that during these tough times.”

The singer also extended an olive branch  and calling a cease fire by thanking her ex, Diamond Platnumz, for giving her the best gift ever, her son, Naseeb Junior.

Tanasha wrote on her social media,

“My lil big brown eyes growing so fast.”

Tanasha DonnaAdding,

“I am super proud to be your mother, you make me a better person by the day. I pray to God that you grow up to be positive, humble, successful kind and most importantly God fearing. I thank your father for blessing me with you as well…Happy mother’s day to all the beautiful mother’s in the world.”

This comes after Diamond’s BFF Juma Lokole savagely attacked her.

Read all about it below.

Diamond hawezi rudia watu wananuka maziwa ya mtoto! Juma Lokole drops bomb

Wishing his baby mama’s a happy mother’s day, Daiamond wrote,

“Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers around the World…..Asante mama yangu @mama_dangote kwa kunizaa na kunilea…Asante Mama wa Watoto zangu kwa baraka ya watoto….Mwenyez Mungu Awajalie kila lenye Kheri… Lakini pia aziIaze Pema peponi Roho za Wamama wote ambao wametangulia🙏…..Tafadhali Kama Unampenda Mama Yako andika I LOVE YOU MOM.”