Tanasha Donna

Last year, Tanasha Donna gave birth to her first born, baby Naseeb Junior.

Naseeb is Diamond’s fourth child as he has three other children, Princess Tiffah Dangote, Prince Nillan and Dylan Abdul Naseeb.

Tanasha Donna

In a recent Instagram Live, Tanasha was asked by a fan why she is drinking alcohol yet she is expected to breastfeed.

She responded by explaining that her breast milk is inadequate and so she opted to substitute it with formula baby milk so that the baby is well fed.

Naseeb Jnr is only five months old.

Doctors advice mothers who are healthy to exclusively breastfeed their baby for six months.

The breast milk meets all of the baby’s nutrient needs. No other foods or fluids – including water – are necessary.

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Naseeb shares a birthday with his celebrity father Diamond Platnumz.

They were both born on October 2.