Diamond and Tanasha

It is now obvious that the beef between Tanasha Donna and her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz is only gonna get worse with time.

The two broke up almost a month ago and since then, the two have been the talk of the town.

What is obvious, however, is that being with Diamond helped build Tanasha Donna’s career in ways she never imagined.

1. She garnered a mass following

Before Diamond, she had not reached a million followers on Instagram but now she is close to 2 million followers.

2. Before Diamond her songs never received much airplay

But after collaborating with Diamond on the Gere hit song, it went on to be among the most listened songs in the past weeks.

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3. No media house bothered to ask her for interviews

Once she started to date Diamond she became a person of interest and everyone wanted to interview her.

At one point she went live on Wasafi TV, which is very popular in Tanzania.

Now that the two are not together she is stuck with the same local media she ignored, what a shame.

Diamond may have been an extreme sport to date but he sure did help boost her career.

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