The interwebs are on fire over allegations by Diamond Platnumz’ BFF, Juma Lokole, that ex-bae Tanasha Donna is “lazy in bed”.

Tanasha shut the chatter down very fast with a savage clap back.

She responded to Lokole in an Instagram story that was deleted minutes after it was posted.

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Tanasha was responding to Lokole after he went on record in an interview with a Tanzanian media outlet and said,

Diamond was ready to marry Tanasha but she was always talking about love. There is no love in marriage. You just need to let your waist work and entertain your man. She was lazy in bed and always sitting with her nails looking like a zombie.

Pundits claim that since Diamond is pals with Lokole he could be his proxy in bringing down Tanasha and shaming her in public. After all, his brand has taken quite the beating for acting like his exes are expendable.

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To save face Diamond has decided to avoid bashing them. That job has reportedly been outsourced to his BFF, Lokole.

That way, he can distance himself from the war of words with his ex-bae,

Lokole went ahead to hammer more nails to Tanasha’s coffin by alleging that

Tanasha was more of a slay queen. She was always talking about her music and taking the Tanasha we see out here to their bedroom. She would have left the stylish Tanasha outside and act like a woman.

This is a great contrast to Diamond’s declaration of love for Tanasha back when they were dating.

In a press conference in Nairobi back in 2018, Diamond told a room full of journalists that Tanasha is a bedroom bully.

He is quoted as saying,

“Anaijulia kitandani…there is something in her.”

If you don’t believe me, watch the video below.

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