A G4S security officer has left men, married and single alike, salivating thanks to her good looks and outstanding sense of style.

Her photos were first shared online by Sauti Sol’s Publicist Anyiko Owoko who said she was running her errands when she bumped into her along Kimathi Street.

She says she approached her to ask her where she does her hair. They took a photo before Anyiko went on her way. Little did she know that it would go viral.


Out of sheer curiosity, some people (read as team mafisi members) decided to look for her so that she can shed more light on her life.

Apparently, her name is Faith Kirito and she joined G4S after failing to secure a job in line with her area of training – social and community development.

She’s a mother of one and I hate to be the one to break it to you but she’s married folks!

Here are the photos:

13235660_1718631631682625_962553124601438327_o 13198389_1716422101903578_2659607305599605694_o 12821506_1690634354482353_7349924649836131449_n 12342773_1666519573560498_7788553250855384671_n 13319701_1722489001296888_4074031952191916307_n 13939572_1748905805321874_6805323394555967019_n 14040159_1752601471618974_7311520984732105835_n 14102727_1753462634866191_6717958503087838986_n 14568080_1769506616595126_5723588087848347645_n 14708213_1773044016241386_5321388873839919694_n 15337455_1795268520685602_5224144263732736667_n 15780668_1804363173109470_5315039897445641417_n 17218469_1835272816685172_3417856831087716040_o

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