It’s sad to see what love for money is doing to humanity.

In a sad twist of events, a gambler who has been identified as a Tanzanian was on Monday, Feb 8 night stoned to death after he killed two people in a casino at Eastleigh.

The man by the name, John Mchanga lost a bet of Sh30,000 at City View Bar and Restaurant Casino at around midnight and decided to go to the manager’s office to demand for a free play.

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Winfred Mbuvi,40, the manager of the casino turned down the request, which did not go so well with the gambler and sadly, he turned against her by stabbing her severally with a sword, killing her on the spot.

City View Bar and Restaurant Casino

One of the security managers around, James Lutea went to calm down the man only for him to face the same fate. He was stabbed and passed aways moments after the incident.

The gambler was not done with his killing spree as he also attacked another security guard who gave chase but was stabbed two times on the shoulder. He was rescued by members of the public and taken to Aga Khan hospital.

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Mchanga, the gambler, was then attacked by an angry mob who stoned him to death. The three bodies where taken to City Mortuary after the nasty incidence.

Casinos are not common in the area, whose residents are predominantly Muslims, as they consider gambling a sin. Starehe OCPD Alice Kimeli and DCIO Kiberenge Seroney, visited the scene early morning on Tuesday and interrogated staff.



Starehe OCPD
Starehe OCPD – Alice Kimeli