Tallia Oyando shared a very private and vulnerable moment with her fans. In an Instagram story, Tallia shared a video of herself walking around in the middle of the night while breathing heavily, a common symptom of anxiety.

Tallia OyandoIn the video which included a pink sticker that read ‘Be kind to your mind’ showed her as she walked around, outside her house just a few minutes to midnight while talking to herself.

After a few minutes, she then made her way back in the house and said that walking around actually helps when one battles an anxiety attack.

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Tallia OyandoAccording to mayo clinic’s definition, an anxiety attack is a mental disorder that is characterized by feelings of worry, anxiety or fear that are strong enough to interfere with one’s daily activities.

Becoming anxious is a normal part of life, could be the usual stage fright, stress at work or constant worry on finances but when anxiety gets the full control of an individual to the point that one cannot undertake normal day to day activities and most of the times leading to frequent panic attacks then that is where the line is drawn.

This is not the first time that the night nurse has come out to openly talk about her anxiety.

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Back on November 5, 2020, she took the bold step by posting a picture of herself in the Citizen TV studio and captioned it with words of encouragement to her fans struggling with the disorder.

Tallia Oyando and her girls' squad at Kiza loungeShe urged those struggling with anxiety to practice breathing something that she does every single day.

“Don’t forget to breathe I tell myself this every single day. Anxiety isn’t fun to live with. Everyday is a struggle but we live to survive. Stay strong we are in this together ❤💛💚” read the caption. 

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