Kenyan women have suffered in the hands of their men who don’t care about them, mind you, these are men they call husbands.

Nowadays, husbands in Kenya are just annoying, glorified room-mates.

You just need to go to on Facebook to read rants from married women on what they go through daily with their husbands.

These group of women was shocked to learn that there is a husband  – somewhere in this world – who has offered to babysit his infant daughter instead of hiring a nanny when the wife goes off to work.

Shamora Collins, a businessman from Uganda wrote on his Facebook page:

“When my wife’s maternity was done she wondered what we would do for baby Christabel since she had to resume work. I thought of hiring a maid but after seeing brutal maids actions online, I told my wife I will be going to work with our baby.”

He added, “Don’t be ashamed of your children. Play your role…” Read all about it in the link below.

MBOCH NI WEWE! Dad Warms Many Hearts After Offering To Care For Daughter By Himself

Check out photos of Shamora Collins with his family.

Here are the reactions from social media showing how impressed they are.

Ann Njogu: Husband material kama hii hupatikana stage gani?

Wangechi Ndiranguh: And the daddy of the year award goes to this gentleman! Awesome!

Pauline Nthambi: I love you already

Janice Kat: Yaani Mungu mbona hawezi nipa kama huyu aki? M going to fast abt this. No more worrying of maids.

Karen Langat: One in a zillion!

New Maury: Men like these exist really? Best dad n husband too

Carol Njuguna: Ur one in a million the father of my baby doesn’t know how the baby is or even support us n we r in the same town

Kendy Ellyjoy: I nominate you for Guinness book of records.

Muthoni Scholar Samson: Wanaume kama hawa upatikana supermarket gani wajamani?

Nelly Wambui: My hat off for you!!!

Dorcas De Blessed: Mine is like that too….am lucky……that is what I dreamt today

Joan Tess Amara: Mirriam Sembo come see how we are a lucky bunch. Mine does it very well

Carol Midamba: That’s deep… May God bless you and the baby. Your wife is a lucky gem???

Lorraine Kabura Mwangi: God bless and increase you immensely. You are the true real picture of the head of a home taking responsibility and protecting your family. Be blessed