Victor Kenani

“Don’t let anybody try to put you down. You are a product of your own beliefs. Juu Kazi ikiisha tunajipa kazi .#Windingdown #Airborne #TeamNoRest.”

These are not my exact words but Victor Kenani’s words. The former Citizen TV reporter was among the employee who were shown the door by Royal Media Services last week. Victor Kenani was one of the most talented in the local media industry. He was passionate about his job made journalism or rather reporting look easy.

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The former CCTV Africa and Citizen TV reporter seems to have decided to forge on with life and forget about his current status. Although it’s not clear whether Kenani has found a new job or not, he recently updated his Facebook status (above) accompanied by this photo of him on board a plane.

Victor Kenani

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This followed by several comments from his friends and followers encouraging him never to give up and keep up with the good work even after leaving the leading local TV station.

Here are some of the messages…

“Victor better places awaits you.. In order for God to open a big and better door… He must close down one,” Commented on of Kenani’s friends

“Life is a journey bro. Move to the next in line. God will see you through,” Read another comment

“I admire your strength and motivation…mentor,” One of his fans wrote

“You are a product of yourself bro..Victor Kenani,thats the spirit,na usijali pia,” Wrote another friend

“Paying attention to your instics is the begining of your actions……..”

“Victor better places awaits you.. In order for God to open a big and better door… He must close down one..”

“Human beings will always try to pull you down BT the star in you will never stop shining. There are better plans for you.”

“Rudi BBC swahili bro it was great io interview kwa streets I always remember.”