Githurai girl
Screenshots from the clip

A young Githurai girl has wowed Kenyans with her amazing voice after being recorded doing a rendition of Alicia Key’s hit song Girl On Fire.

The girl identified as Gracious Amani, was recorded by a visiting tourist, Britt Chantel who blew her away.

“So before I came to Kenya I decided to try and limit my social media usage to be present and really take in this amazing experience with our InfluenceHers crew But we’re coming to an end and I had to post this beautiful moment!!

While finishing up one of our service projects with Fountain Youth this little girl came up to us as we were leaving and asked to sing a song. Then she blew us away… #undiscoveredtalent
Share, share, help us make her viral!”

githurai girl

Well, the young Githurai girl is now a star and her video has gone viral with everyone asking who exactly she is.

Well, the good news is that The African creative arts and innovation college is looking for this young Kenyan to nature her talent.
The college is run by entertainment guru, Big Ted.

“Ok guys….AFRICA CREATIVE ARTS & INNOVATION COLLEGE (ACAIC) Wants to make this young girls talent work for her that as she takes to her studies her talent is also natured and developed to she can be in the creative industry…HELP US FIND HER & ANY OTHER KIDS YOU THINK ARE EXTRA~ORDINARILY TALENTED”

Well, here is a video of the talented girl singing that has caught many people’s attention.

Posted by Britt Chantel on Sunday, June 10, 2018

And here is the original version of Alicia Key’s song: