Every time a booty is mentioned in Kenya, one word comes to mind. Socialites!!

And it’s not just kawaida socialites but rather the likes of Vera Sidika, Risper Faith or Corazon Kwamboka. Right??

corazon kwamboka nipples

FINALLY! Meet Corazon Kwamboka’s Sponsor! (PHOTO GALLERY)

In Uganda however, there is one socialite who is driving Mafisi wa huko so damn crazy!!!!

Socialite Shandrella Eve Komuntale is making many men in that part of Africa lose sleep over her huge butt!!

Eve, also an upcoming rapper and one who likes men who “smell good”, says that she carries her huge booty with pride!

“Carrying such a huge booty…it’s cool. I mean it’s all natural. So I carry it with pride”.

The socialite adds that many people have mistakenly thought that her derrière was not real and she has had to do with letting total strangers touch it after plotting an ambush on her!!

NI KUBWA TENA SANA!! Meet The Ugandan Lass With The Buttocks Of Vera Sidika And Risper Faith Combined (PHOTOS)

See Eve’s photos below: