Ben Githae once asked, “Ulianza Na Roho, Umemalizia Na Mwili Kwa Nini?”

Let me start by letting you know that Bahati and baby mama Yvette Obura have quite the beautiful bundle of joy. They named her Mueni Bahati. Infact she is such an angel.

It has been 2 years of Bahati trying to block out that he had a daughter. Or that he had put Yvette in thefamily way. Then Diana Marua came, a lass that stole the singer’s heart and was introduced to the World as his ‘lover’.

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Before then, we knew Baha as this single guy who is desperately looking for a wife in the most Christian way ever.

So last weekend, the Maria singer introduced his biological daughter to the world. Though he did not mention it, fans thought he had adopted one more child. It took Yvette courage to tell the World that she is Bahati’s baby mama.

“Jesus Christ! I don’t want to be with Bahati. He is just but my baby daddy/ ex. The only thing that people should know is that the baby is not adopted but my own. Thank you.”


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What amazed many was the fact that Bahati acknowledged his lover Diana Marua and not his baby Mama.

Bahati wrote, “Too many Blessings have come my way but 2 Years ago was the beginning of a special lifetime Blessing from God. Before anything, I’d like to acknowledge and thank the Love of My Life #Diana ❤️ for being there for me in all situations”

This got many talking as Marua also posted a photo of herself and the innocent child and what happened next was close to cyber bullying. See what fans said;

nyamai_eliud wrote, “Getting a child is so easy. You just need to take your clothes off and drag bahati to bed, hata sio lazima ikue kwa kitanda. even when standing or sitted as long as amekumwangia and you are ready to conceive. that is all. zaa mtoto wako. otherwise yu wil never have peace

peninnah roberts: Don’t drag the innocent soul to your shit..pull the photo down and have some dignity, mtoto si nguo utaomba mtu.

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randy tasha: Pretender old fool kwani wewe utosheki??? Kimama zaa wako uringe naye smh.

kenyan boy01 wrote, “guys put urself in Kisha’s shoes, she went through c-section and @bahatikenya was not there to be seen, she has raised the child a lone then some angel from nowhere comes here to post picture with the innocent kid for #PR seriously…

terry alaka: Nobody does this you don’t take pics wth boyfriends x girlfriend kid pics unless umepewa ruhusa na baby mama grow up b*tch….are you coping the msalames….it’s not funny if you managed to get Bahati from her at least leave the kid alone…