Comedian cum MC Oga Obinna has received heavy backlash on social media.

He took his jokes too far. He made a mean comment about the fast-rising comedic duo of Brayosammy and Shosh.

Rib crackers Brayosammy and Shosh

He posted;

So if shosh dies (GodForbid) Brayo Sammy has no content. Lol.


Oga Obinna
Oga Obinna’s comment on comedians Brayo Sammy and shosh

This didn’t go down well with some fans who responded to Obinna saying;

@Oga Obinna you’re a big brand but you stupid !! This is mean for you! Shosh ain’t dying anytime soon ! And if so God got big plans for me !! Your thinking is just beyond comedy !! Ain’t funny! !!! And watch out maybe God might turn the Game round and you be the one losing @ogaobinna We’re watching!!

The duo of Brayo and Shosh has amassed thousands of followers in a short period of time since joining the comedy industry. Their fans took to Obinna’s Facebook to call him out, claiming without his accent he had no content.

The furious fans told him to apologize to the elderly woman.

Reactions include:

Kago Stella Jealousy is the last stage before you become a witch 😠😠😠😠😠

Sue Mungai See your life mumu, see your life.

Caroline N. Chege Remember, if your accent dies you have no content, do you even have content??🤔🤔

Oga Obinna

Felly Shiko Obinna place your right hand on your chest and repeat these words after me.. ”I’m a witch! ” that’s clearly what you are…You should be ashamed of yourself

Felly Shiko You owe Brayosammy an apology mumu!! Shame on you!!

Betty Wangechi Gichuru Take your jokes to Enugu kingdom

Muhosh Ninnie Not funny, imagine praying for someone to die to see someone’s downfall,shame on long Shosh

Juneb Bryan What happpened while I was away? Obina is getting a dose of his own medicine because of why

Christine Somina Shame on you. Just looking for cheap popularity.

Monicah Karanja So you have changed your career to a full time witch!?…stick to your ever dry jokes n leave @brayosammy and Shosh alone

Leah Gitungo Kariuki To old for such nonsense obinna…brayo is an upcoming comedian he didn’t deserve such a comment from you.

Waweru Judie All your posts are trash🚮🚮. Actually, this is the post with the most likes.

Mwangi Jorum Bro that’s why I never like your dry jokes..thie ukiumaga

Anna Britah Ati public figure. You can’t compare your wall to Brayo Sammy’s. Shame on you

Priscilla Wambui Apologize to Brayosammy

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Sue Kamau Kevan You just made Brayosammy more famous

Esther Wambui Never make fun with death… Shame of you

Nyokabi Nguku You are the most arrogant comedian the world ever saw. You owe that young guy an apology. And anyway who told you are funny?

Kaime Kamau We shall come at your burial….and eat

Mercy Njuguna May the power that resurrected Jesus resurrect your brains

Stella Mamake Valentine You are soo mean Obina..instead of supporting his talent your braking him.

Getrose A. Odanga Atleast today u will get comments😂😂😂shame on u

Magda Pitch Shame on you…How dare try Brayo Sammy n Shosh….not everything is a joke….GROW UP😨😨😨

Sasha Ren So you sat somewhere and started thinking about shosh’s death??and you posted it online, for what??you know being you is very sad,,enda Nairobi river uoshe iyo roho yako chafu Nkt silly man,,Btw ata you are not funny,you never were

Nimo Ikahu Nigerian wannabe, you’re boring AF

Oga Obinna later shared a post trying to explain his previous post about the aging woman but disabled comments. He also quoted John 8:7, which reads;

So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

Below is the screenshot:

Oga Obinna