Sauti Sol's Chimano

Sauti Sol’s Willis Chimano is a bold man.

Sauti Sol performing on stage in Australia

The multi-talented singer, who is known for weird fashion that suggests otherwise, has once again left tongues wagging after he shared a photo looking all glammed up.

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In the photo, Chimano showed off his attractive choker and well-manicured nails which he had applied black polish.

Sauti Sol’s Chimano

The singer was attacked with many questioning his sexual orientation while others praised him for being a great fashionista. Some of Chimano’s critics called him out asking him to stick to mens dress code but this did not go well with the Sauti Sol band member, who came out to defend his reputation.

“We do not like homosexuals in Kenya, take your girlish behaviours elsewhere,” read o a message by his critic.


Chimano responded:

“Stupid question, stupid reasoning. You do not know my life and are coming here with assumptions.”

Another critic identified as Omarion wrote:

“Mtu unaskiaje ukipigwaaa nyuma na mwanaume mwenzako bullshit unaramba lolo badala ya urambweee dah nimechukuia sauti sol gafla tu yani.”

The singer savagely attacked his critic and he responded:

“Stupid question, stupid reasoning or lack thereof, coming here with assumptions! you don’t know my life!!! Kwa hayo machache endelea kupiga domo..”


“@omarion wewe na nani? How much did you buy the country for? Which store? I’d like to buy my own country and speak for everyone…”

This is not the first time Chimano has been attacked for allegedly being gay. A few weeks ago, fans criticised two members of Sauti Sol band over their dress code and Bien came out guns blazing to blast them.

Check out reactions on Chimano latest pic

Ndagireahawo: @iamchimano 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈be proud 💯💯 you can come out when you are ready no pressure

Njeriwaru: Ati ni fashion,ebu look at the nail polish and let’s not start with the thing on his neck,issa disappointment.

Thom_faraja: You must be not a gay or whether you might be who knows it is your life even if you are …but I think this look creates questions amongst us as rumours started long ago now your here proving them right 🤔🤔 #teamtz🇹🇿 hatuko sawa na hii mambo be a man of your colour bro 🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♂️
themercymyraYaaaaaaaasssss me darlin… that neck piece is THA BIIIIIIZZZZZ

Frank Ayub: If you’re gay be proud of it..just say yes and if you’re not just say no…and if you’re not sure then say it’s complicated!…. Just be proud of whatever you do don’t hide

Jimmy_millinga: You look sexy kuliko häta demu yang😍

Swanky_tasher: I love your neck piece Chimano…. So stylish!!

Chibu: Dah kumbe we jamaa unafanywa eee! Yan msenge kabisaaa duh Guys here are so stereotypical and negatory, like rockstars dont apply nail polish!! We should stop blasting one of the best acts our country will ever have bc of personal insecurities and acknowledge that being an artist is the best excuse for being crazy

Davie__theoptimist: Daaahh this is bullshit…😡😡… Kwel kisicho riziki. Hakiliki…. Dnt tell me ur … A gay.

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Ivannah_h._steel: People are so good at pointing mistakes where there are not…but i love how @iamchimano responds to them and doesnt allow anyone to perfect him coz he is him chimano and not them ….for the love i have for you ,I’ll support you in person

Chimano also posted a video in the ladies’ washroom with three women.

#awesome #happiness #soulstyleattitude😎😎 #lovemylife❤️

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Sauti Sol is the best dressed boy band in Kenya.