OJ Tahidi High

Popular Tahidi High actor Dennis Mugo became a favorite of many when playing his role as the notorious student by the name OJ.

What was interesting about the character was the daring spirit of the young man to take risks with his cheeky schemes that everybody loved.

Dennis Mugo as a person seems not far from the character he played, in fact he narrated to The Wicked Edition’s Dr King’ori of some of his cheeky moves back in high school.

They included skiving school in Form 3 to go for a concert and explained what bullying in highschool taught him in a society’s perspective about life.

OJ also emphasized on the importance of focusing on nurturing children’s talent from an early age.

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He is remembered fondly for his role as the notorious student of Tahidi high and a nephew to the school’s worker Omollo popularly known as Omosh.

So loved was the character Dennis Mugo played that he quickly rose to fame and after exiting from the television program, fans always remembered the good old days as he was questioned for his exit.

He later on came back and played a role as a young teacher in the school. But was Dennis Mugo different from OJ the character when he was a student?

Speaking in an interview the actor who also doubles as a director narrated a story where he ran away from school to attend Necessary Noise’s concert.

For those who remember Necessary Noise was a popular duo made up of singer Wyre the lovechild and Nazizi and there was no way the actor would miss the concert for anything.

He and his friends decided to skive school and headed to a popular Nakuru joint Coco Savannah where it was about to get down.

Later on there was an interesting turn of events as the school principle showed up at Coco Savannah with the school bus.

This was the point where the actor had to escape the trap that was about to befall him, he hide himself and later on sneaked back in school.

What made him go back unnoticed was the fact that he had worn P.E attires during the concert and so when sneaking back he made his way to the school field where he pretended to be doing exercises and that’s how he narrowly escaped being caught.

OJ then said that as much as he does not support bullying in high school, bullying made him aware of certain life aspects.

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For him bullying taught him that in the society there should be order and hierarchy that is to be followed.

“Bullying ilinifunza that in a society there is an order, there is a hierarchy.” Said the ever jovial actor.

When asked about the importance of focusing on a child’s talent.

Mugo emphasized on focusing on a child’s talent, he sets an example with his own case where he says he cannot fully concentrate in studying for a longer period but quickly masters a script when given.

The actor also advised people not to copy each other in the quest to find their own talent,for him he defines talent as something that one can do that is God given.

He says the importance of talent that was lacking in the education system is the reason why the government saw it right to come up with the new Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) that focuses on other key areas that nurtures the talent of a child from a tender age

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