Top Kisumu-based Kenyan artiste Xpat Mkwanja apparently spent a night in the police cells a few months ago after he was allegedly busted with an underage school girl at his place.

According to the young girl’s mom, she had disappeared from home for quite some time, and when she started investigating her whereabouts, she found her at the rapper’s place apparently shooting a video for the track Nyama Kwa Nyama.

The mother then reported the issue to the police who immediately came to arrest the singer.

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Speaking to the rapper today, he told us that the issue was solved and that they were not actually shooting a video. He also said that the young girl was actually taken to hospital for a check up and all was fine.

“It was raining and I gave her a place for shelter, when she saw her mom coming is when she ran away and that brought issues with the family,” He said.

Meanwhile, check out Nyama kwa Nyama below;