Remember Brother Ocholla, the man who became the talk of the town after sending a lewd text message to a WhatsApp prayer Group? Well, there’s now a female version of him.

Bro Ocholla And His Wife Finally Speak Out, Here’s The Naked Truth (AUDIO)

A certain lady who goes by the name Jacinta Musyoki has become the butt of jokes thanks to some screenshots that have been doing rounds on social media.

In the screenshots, Musyoki said she was looking for “5 people who are comfortable having sex in front of a couple” with a handsome reward of Sh5000 thereafter.

What she did not know was that she had ‘mistakenly’ sent the message to her church WhatsApp prayer group just like Brother Ocholla.

Upon noticing that she had made a huge mistake, Musyoki apologized to her church mates saying “it was posted wrongly.”


Mpasho reached out to one of the members of the group who had called her out saying she was not ready to have such a conversation.

Although she did not say much, she said that “gaffe” should not have happened in the first place. We tried reaching Musyoki but her phone was switched off.

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