Kenyan Gospel Artists

We can all agree that most celebrities are trendsetters but it seems some are letting down their fans. Some things they do are just downright annoying and should be dropped in 2017.

Top of the list is our favorite Kenyan gospel artists and this time around, let’s throw some shade on these young boys…


Ku sag is not swag bruh! Someone might have lied to this Mapenzi hitmaker that he actually looked good in sagged pants.

The truth is, it looks so unattractive on him. Evidently, Bahati should change this habit, especially now that he is expecting baby number four.

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Willy Paul ‘raiding’ Diamond’s wardrobe

The truth about Willy Paul is that he might seem very attractive to most of his fans with his killer poses and electric dances.

But kumbe Pozze is just a copycat!

He mimics almost all of Diamond Platnumz dance styles and even his grooming is the same. In his Take It Slow track and the controversial Tiga Wana, Willy Paul has also been seen rocking clothes almost exactly like Diamond’s.

A word of advice Willy Pozze; no lass wants a copy and paste man. Style up!

willy paul and diamond collage

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Jimmy Gait and his weird song titles

Huyu anapenda attention! After Jimmy Gait attracted attention with Yesu Ndie Sponsor, he went ahead to release Cool Your Temper another weirdly titled track.

It seems it’s one trick he has perfected to getting thousands of Youtube views. Can Jimmy please just stop this funny title business?

jimmy gait

DK Kwenye Beat and his gibberish song titles

Tell me, people, what is the meaning of Tikolo, Pakacha, Sari Sari and Furi Furi? These are all titles to DK’s songs.

Some might have made it to the top music charts but fans still don’t understand what they mean.

What happened to songs with decent names such as Ebenezer, Kuna Dawa and Utamu wa Yesu? Imba kitu ya maana boss!


‘I pray you die & drink your own blood,’ DK Kwenye to gospel artistes

Ljay Maasai

It is very nice and acceptable to be proud of your culture and embrace where you come from. Ljay Maasai, who is well-known for his trendy Maasai grooming, however, seems to overdo this African print.

Just in almost every appearance, Ljay seems to have to include a touch of Maasai. Just wait until he makes an appearance in a Maasai print suit!

This seems to be too much sometimes and needs to be toned down kidogo tu pris.

l jay maasai

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