A popular TV anchor has come under scathing attack for anchoring news while donning sports shoes.

Unlike their female counterparts, male news anchors never have to deal with taking long walks around the studio so that their female viewers can ‘feast’ on them with their eyes.

This means that they can dress how they please – especially from their waists down – since they probably won’t move an inch from their seats.

We often see male anchors neatly dressed and looking dapper on our screens but what many do not know is that  they could just be putting on a coat and a pair of shorts while hosting news.

K24 prime time news anchor Yusuf Ibrahim has been faulted by a social media users for ‘dressing badly’ after it emerged that  he was putting on casual shoes in studio.

When seated, one might think that he is elegantly elegantly dressed and well groomed but the moment he gets up, you can’t help but notice the jeans and Reebok shoes.

Here is the photo: