A celebrated journalist on Sunday took a swipe at musician Charles Njagua Kanyi, popularly known as Jaguar, for shedding tears in public.

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The singer was caught on camera crying at the Jubilee Headquarters after a tribunal ruled that Maina Kamanda had won the Jubilee ticket for the Starehe parliamentary seat.

According to media reports, Kamanda was declared winner after he garnered 10,374 votes compared to Jaguar’s 8,391.

The ‘Kigeugeu’ singer rushed to the Jubilee Headquarters in Pangani after the results of the primaries were made public. According to him, Maina Kamanda had rigged the elections.

Jaguar was back to the same venue the next day in the company of his supporters where he was asked to negotiate with Kamanda, but this fell on deaf ears.

This elicited different reactions from his fans, with a handful ridiculing him for crying like a baby in public.

Among those who took a Jab at Jaguar was, former KTN news anchor James Smart who sent out a tweet with the lyrics of his popular song “Kigeugeu”.

This is what he posted:

Screenshot from 2017-05-02 17:33:46

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