A photo showing award-winning Kenyan musician Rabbit King Kaka kissing his daughter on the lips has elicited varied reactions from social media users.

Although the practice of fathers kissing their kids is common, especially in foreign countries some of his fans were not too pleased, adding that only her mother should do such things.

Others chose to shift their focus on a dog which was photographed admiring King Kaka and his daughter as they kissed.

King Kaka

Here are the reactions:

Wangombe: Everyone else is like aww. No one ever told you you should not kiss kids in the mouth. You might infect her with something your immune can handle but hers can’t.

Hard Stepper: Great dad. But keep her safe. Not advisable to kiss her in the mouth ????

Nyamai Eliud: It’s not ethical some things must be left to women.

Irush Ritchie: Not allowed wewe King, mpe shavu takizidi nakuarifu.

Judy Kimani: Mfunze tu kukiss.

Lynda Ashlley: Nothing feels better than a father’s love.

Vee Kimari: Wooi unaona hiyo fisi iko hapo nyuma venye unawish ingekuwa yeye.

Cheri Kristina: So adorable.I wish I grew up with a dad.

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