Kayole family
Syombua with her daughter and son

Post mortem results have finally revealed how Joyce Syombua and her kids Shanice and Prince Michael met their deaths, 21 days after their disappearance.

Johansen Oduor, the Chief Government Pathologist said,

“The adult female had injuries on the head, blunt trauma and bleeding in the brain. The kids had been strangled using a rope.”

Joyce Syombua had travelled with her two children, daughter Shanice Maua and Prince Michael to Nanyuki to meet Army Major Peter Mugure, the father of her kids.

Their bodies were later found buried at Makaburini, Thingithu area, in Laikipia county 21 days later.

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The 31-year-old mother, who wasn’t in good terms with the Nanyuki-based military officer, left Nairobi on October 25 together with her kids to visit him.

Joyce Syombua

This is after he invited her and their children to his Nanyuki Barracks residence.

Text messages and call records showed Syombua communicated regularly with her female friend, telling her Mugure had left with the kids but never returned with them.

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Joyce Syombua
Conversation between Joyce Syombua and her friend

When she asked where the kids were, Mugure told her that he had left them at his friend’s place so that they (he and Syombua] could have privacy and iron out their differences.

Mugure had denied the kids were his until a DNA test was conducted, confirming that he was their biological father.

He was ordered by a Nairobi court to pay for child support. On the day Syombua went to visit him, he had requested to see the kids.


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