Local musician Syde is married to a beautiful woman and they are blessed with a daughter. Syd returned to the spotlight last month when photos of him and socialite Amber Ray (Amberay) in Santorini went viral.

Amber Ray

Apparently, they were shooting a video.

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Well, Syd’s wife, Boke, is calm and collected and despite rumours that her hubby is having an affair with her lover, she has stayed cool. Her Instagram profile reads;

She is a wife, mother, daughter & a sister. She is determined, pushes through fears to make her dreams a reality #EmpireStateofMind.

Well, unlike many women who will hate on one another and rush to fight and cause drama, Syd’s wife is a strong one. She has shared a powerful quote, which read;

Confident women don’t hate.

She went ahead to add:

To all the confident women out there “Good morning”, with a big smile 😊

Syde’s wife also shared another quote which read;

A section of Boke’s friends flooded the comment section and below are some of the reactions:

mabooty Sisi tunataka tu upige firimbi tukupeleke vita tumkomeshe mchawi

jojoboke@mabooty.y tumwachie Mungu yote, His way is the best, but I will come out soon!
mabooty @jojoboke Yes God above all.We agree so just come out! We’ll be ready to drag that witch!

irene_tersy@jojoboke sema ngwe uone vile hizo makuku zitakufa…. Hii mambo ya kuwa mpole mammy hatutaki .

jojoboke@irene_tersy you’ve made my day

irene_tersy@jojoboke my dear, just give us a go ahead uone Afro cinema .. Hizo makuku zitakufa @aaliyah_advancing akikuwa in your position my dear… Demakuku lazima we fry those chickens alive … Mama we got you

jojoboke@irene_tersy I will do a live chat on Saturday on what I know. Kila mtu akuje na drink yake we talk.

Below are photos of Syd and his wife


Syd with his wife

Syd with his wife

Syd with his wife