Syd and Amberay

Finally! Mr Syd has released the music video he shot in Santorini, Greece a few weeks ago. The local artiste became a subject of discussion when he flew socialite Amberay, to the destination barely a month after she had parted ways with her ex-politician husband.

Amber Ray with her new man
Amber Ray with Syd

Many concluded that they were in a relationship and that Syd was cheating on his wife but he never came out to deny or confirm the claims.

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Well, Syd’s new song Mimi na We is up on YouTube and he first took to social media to share with his followers. He wrote;

Kenyans I present to you early Christmas gift. Give me your love give me your heart babe I love you. #Santorinibae Official video!!


In another post, Syd confessed his love for Amberay and he wrote;

This one is special to me! I wrote a letter to my love. I wrote it so hard on what I gotta say. I’m down and out to tell Kenyans the truth. 

The song has ignited mixed reactions among his followers and below are some of the comments;

Liz Minoo: Sch a lovely song

Brenda Jay: Nice song and the view is totally awesome

Steve Kembote: hii riddim aki si iko poa….well designed …all time song

Elsie Nyawira: Syd am still not buying this. You were in Santoroni for three days and Faith Makau alikua anachange nguo daily na hii vidoe there’s only one wardrobe change. You were getting steamy mkivuta shisha, calling her your wife, videos in the shower. Mbona hizo haziko kwa song?

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Jyllian Jean: Mii kama hater I have watched to the end and there are some critical scenes missing and intimate that we saw in Santorini and ain’t aired in that video.

Betty Karinje: Na filters zilikuwa za nini basi?

Carol Praise: Santorini bae wangwan!!!i thot u people are dating

Kaari: Very catchy, well done Syd.

Syd and Amberay
Syd and Amberay

Faith Manyara: Wadaku tutaambia nini watu 😂

Harrison Korir: hii riddim aki si iko poa….well designed …all time song

Below is the video, watch it