Jacky maribe, Joe Irungu, Monica Kimani
Jacky maribe, Joe Irungu, Monica Kimani

I hope to the good Lord above all that Jacque Maribe will live true to these sweet words she sent out to her fiance back when the skies above their love were clear and the ocean smooth and calm.

You see, it is easy to send messages of love and actually mean them in that moment (solipsism) because everything is going well but when things are thick and times tough…


“adversity brings clarity”

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I guess they do not say this for nothing and I am sure Kenyans and indeed Jacque Maribe aren’t the only ones who will find out just how true the statement is; methinks Joe Irungu a.k.a Jowwi¬†Joe is about to find out just how true they are as his darkest days are just dawning.

You see, he is a person of interest in the ongoing investigation into the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani who is the scion of a very powerful family with immense business interests in Juba, South Sudan.

Back when their love was as fresh as a newly blossomed rose, Jacque Maribe shared this sweet message about her love for Joe Irungu:

“Oh I will stay with you through the ups and downs

Oh I will stay with you when no one else is around

And when the dark clouds arise

I will stay by your side”

I am curious to see how this love story will play out, you know, me being a love-atheist and all.