Raila Junior and Swat
Raila Junior and Swat

Raila Odinga Junior recently spoke to Mpasho.co.ke exclusively and revealed some interesting tidbits about the type of music he likes.

Raila Junior and Radio Africa staff
Raila Junior with Radio Africa staff

The second son of one of the top politicians in Kenya – Raila Odinga – has been known to keep a low profile. He was in a jocular mood when he met us and surprised us when he told us that his favourite Kenyan music group is Ethic.


The rap group dominated the charts last year with its break-out hit, “Lamba Lolo” and then subsequently “Position”. He said:

Ethic Ni maboys wangu. Kwanza nataka kubond na huyo msee, mtoto wa Eunice, Swat hunibamba. Kwanza hiyo song yao Instagram. I want to meet those guys and even do for them a show somewhere. So Swat nitafute, I will do for you guys a show for free.


And what particularly does he love about the group?

They are real, they are not manufactured like in a commercial sense. Even the type of music I listen to internationally is because the artistes are so real.

Raila Junior
Raila Junior his father Raila Odinga and Jnr’s wife Yvonne

He even follows the group on Instagram. What did Raila Junior think of Swat’s recent scandal?

Haikukuwa hivyo. Unajua alikuwa anahepa makarau at that time vile tu alisema. Me as a fan of akina Ethic, he had his t-shirt. Who goes to steal with a Tshirt?

This loosely translates to: “Things did not happen the way they seemed to. The guy was running away from cops, just like he said. He was even wearing the group’s T-shirt. Who goes to steal with a T-shirt?”

They nearly burnt them; Ethic releases statement over theft video

He finished off by encouraging Swat and telling him:

Vile watu wamemgonga online asisikie vibaya. That is just Kenyans and Kenyans hating. Akuwe to strong na aendelee na muziki yao.

This translates to, “He shouldn’t feel bad about what people are saying about him online. That’s just Kenyans hating. He should remain strong and continue doing music.”

Raila Junior
Raila Junior with Shaffie

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