Swaleh Mdoe
Swaleh Mdoe

Damn! It would seem that what my father says often is true. He has a way with words and that seems to be the only thing I get from him. Anyway, he is often heard saying:

“When trouble visits you, it comes with its in-laws”.

I never quite understood what he meant till I got a little older. Now I understand what he meant; trouble never comes alone. It is always accompanied by an entourage of other problems that plague you.

Take Swaleh Mdoe as an example. The guy who is known for his mastery of Kiswahili was riding high -or so we thought. Turns out he wasn’t so much as jet-setting as he was leading himself down the rabbit hole of debt.

He came out to say he had a kidney for sale which made these damnable internets go mad with both glee at the word and trepidation. Then word went round that a bank had repoed his car (a Mercedes Benz) due to debts he had and you can imagine the humiliation he is reeling in at the moment.

Now word has it that he has been demoted. According to Business Today, Mdoe will be replaced by Jamila Mohammed who just resigned from Nation Media Group. Damn!

I reached out to him to inquire about whether this was a true portrayal of facts but my call went begging as did my Whatsapp message which he has read. Damn!