Has Citizen TV fired it’s popular Swahili news anchor Swaleh Mdoe? Well, social media was awash with rumors that the popular TV personality will not be gracing our TV screens anymore.

The rumors allege that Swaleh Mdoe, Mwanahamisi Hamadi, Shisia Wasilwa, Kimeli Arap Kemei, Yusuf Ali and several others were indefinitely suspended after it was discovered that they allegedly received money from an influential Nairobi politician to kill a story.

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We spoke to a reporter at Citizen TV who told us exactly what happened.

Many guys have been trying to reach me throughout the weekend, some saying that they heard I was dead. I’m not going anywhere, in fact, right now I’m in a production meeting. 

Swaleh also clarified that the story about him and some of his colleagues receiving money from a prominent politician is a very old story.

Now you know.