A fool and his money are soon parted.

That is the lesson voluptuous singer Avril Nyambura keeps telling her fans.

In a frustrated post on her social media, Avril has warned fans from sending cash to anyone who purports to be her or knows her.

The Chokoza hitmaker wrote:

“But surely fam .. how many times will I say this .. don’t send money to people on social media pretending to be certain personalities. If they don’t have a cause the possibility is that they are lying 🙄 and you are being conned. Anyway cut long story short .. This is the only page I operate on Facebook .. as you can see it’s the only verified Avril Kenya Account amidst the rest .. be aware .. be woke. I don’t operate the page below that has been reported to me as extorting money from unsuspecting individuals 👇🏼”

She then posted the profile account that is being used by the imposter to swindle her fans.


Her fans reacted:
Derrick Anyira: Thenks Avril mm nime itishwa money bt thenks sana leo ndio nime jua

Malindians: Curious to learn 🙂

Winnie Mardrigal: There so many fake accounts its not the only one..😕

Michere Joyce: Tell them gal