Diamond Platmumz is not above the law. Tanzanian police raided his home during his mum birthday party a few nights back.

Armed policemen raided the singer’s home in Mivumoni Madale during his mother, Sanura Kassim’s birthday

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Tanzanian news sources report that the bongo music mega star who was named by the police as one of the personalities suspected to be involved in the drug business, is known for throwing loud parties with no regard for his neighbours complaints.

Here is an official communique from the government to the media naming Diamond and his ex-girlfriend Wema Sepetu as suspected drug traffickers. The communication demands that they present themselves to the police station for questioning about the matter.

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Anyhow, on this particular day, the noise was waaaaaay too much, the neigbours called the police and the raid happened.

“I abhor the noise that emanates from Diamond Platnumz’s house whenever he holds a party. Can’t we sleep – simply because Diamond is hosting his friends? There are function halls, hotel facilities… He can take those parties there. My house is nearly two kilometers away from his, but the music bothers me so bad! What of those neighbours who live a stone’s throw away from him? I am sure they are going through hell!” an unnamed source who sought anonymity told Risasi Mchanganyiko.

Neighbors say that party goers are mainly young people who then “use the opportunity to abuse drugs”.

A neighbour who sought anonymity said that one time, the rowdy youth smoked bhang, blocked roads and urinated by the roadside. Shamelessly.

It is not clear whether Diamond was at the party at the time of the raid.

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