Conjestina Achieng
Conjestina Achieng

Despite her current condition, Conjestina Achieng still continues to inspire a generation.

She touched the heart of none other than the 2021 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education best candidate Faith Mumo.

Mumo revealed in an interview with a local media station that she would like to become a surgeon someday to rescue the celebrated Kenyan pugilist from her debilitating illness.

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‘Conje’ – as she is popularly known – has been in endless anguish after being diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder in 2011.

Mumo, who scooped 433 marks out of the possible 500, cited Conjestina’s case as a motivating factor that could propel her towards achieving her ultimate dream of becoming a doctor.

“After I go to Kenya High, which is my dream school, I want to become a neurosurgeon because a lot of people have suffered head damages and it has been hurtful for me to see people like that boxer in Kisumu, Conjestina.

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“My teachers in primary always encouraged me and guided me to pursue the dream,” said Mumo.

Conje, who currently resides with her mother in Siaya County, has been in and out of rehabilitation.

Her plight was first highlighted by radio personality Carol Radull who later whipped up a rigorous campaign on social media to raise awareness of the boxer’s condition and money for her treatment.

Following the initiative, Conjestina was subsequently put on a three-month rehabilitation program at the expense of the National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse.