Fame is fickle.

Socialite and party girl Vanessa Chettle is finding that out, the hard way.

In a late night rant, Chettle rambled on about how people she thought were her pals, all over sudden went mute and stop checking up on her. They only reappeared when she started raking in the chums.

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Chettle took to her Instagram and started to vent about fake friends.

“My God,  insomnia is going to kill my ass. You know what? Maybe it is about time i vent out about some shit that has been bothering me. I got my name slandered in front of the whole country and i remember there were some family, even people back then that told me to unfriend them on Facebook because they did not want to be associated with this bad name. Once that money and that fame started to come in heavy, best believe they wanted everybody to know that they were related to me. That they knew me somehow. Aint that sh*t funny though? Mtu atauliza, Okay, They why did you still f*ck with them even though you knew that they were only associating with you because now you are getting money and coz now you are famous and it is beneficial to them? And this is what i said, I’m a girl with a different type of story. In the beginning when i got famous for the wrong reasons, y’all did not want anything to do with me. Fine. I was just that type of sh*it. now, everybody wants in. i don’t know if you understand me, what i’m saying is, I wanted love my whole life, and now i was getting it from all corners, from people i always wanted it from, it did not matter that it was all fake but i found out in the end. The parties, the fame, money, everything a girl my age could have ever wanted, but yo! you start to lose yourself. You start to forget penye nimetoka and how far i had gotten by myself. All this fake love had me feeling like i had family all along and i was living this life. That is a lie. Most of these people, back then, they did not even know a girl existed. They would never call, they would never text, i’m even surprised that you all remember my name. I mean, you obviously do, now. I’m the one at fault for letting you back in. But after kukumbuka hiyo njia nimetoka na vitu nimepitia pekee yangu, i don’t owe my success to nobody, this time.


She continued, “As I get ready for my comeback, there is no joy riding whatsoever. I don’t care who you are. If you did not work hard with me, you did not sweat with me, you are definitely not going to eat with me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not heartless and I’m not cold. I’m just one person who has learnt a lot through experience, betrayal, hurt and pain caused by those closest to them. So, dear future Vanessa, make your money, focus on you and do you, because nobody else can. And when you get those millions, before you give them to some fake people, donate that sh*t to charity. It is all good though, life is all about some ups and down. You know when I die, I will die alone. When I live this life, I will live it for me.”

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