The younger brother to Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho is said to be giving former KTN Investigative Journalist Mohammed Ali a hard time as the two fight to clinch the ODM ticket for Nyali constituency.

Yesterday, Moha Jicho Pevu, as he’s popularly known, nearly fought with Joho’s brother after the former accused accused him of trying to influence the outcome by rigging and bribing voters.

However, until yesterday, only a handful knew that Joho has a younger brother or that he is seeking the Nyali parliamentary seat alongside Mohammed Ali.

To make matters worse, even fewer people know how Joho’s brother, who goes by the name Said Abdalla, alias Saido, even looks like.

As such, we decided put some of his photos together so that when you next hear his name, you’ll know who Moha Jicho Pevu is up against.

Here are the photos:

Governor Joho having a chat with his younger brother Saido

Hassan-Joho-and-his-brother-Said-Abdalla-Saido 17629687_1168544743273416_3720184233965533209_n 17861595_1182964321831458_3854303212058792180_n 17903658_1179267138867843_1360293302536956427_n


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