Risper Faith is no longer just Risper Faith but with an added flavor, Muiruri. She got married in a very lavish and secretive wedding ceremony.

She had said back when she was in Nairobi Diaries that she will have an expensive wedding and only a few of her close friends will get invitations.

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She was true to her word because, from our sources, none of the Nairobi D cast members were there except Prezzo. She applied the saying: ‘your colleagues are not your friends’. The wedding was for family and friends away from the reality show. Watu walikuwa wamejigamba they were invited, others were even bridesmaids but where were they?

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Risper Faith and Brayo

Okay, so let’s talk about Bridget for a moment now. She was very loud saying she was part of the bride’s maids lineup but really where was she? From her social media, she was busy partying somewhere in Malaysia.

Bridget Aachieng

If you consider someone a very close friend to a point she is considered family, then I assume you should be there for her.

To probably try and a make it up to Risper, Bridget wrote a letter to her. She said:

My baby is officially off the market…I missed your most important day but your gifts are in order I got you baby girl…You know ladyrisper your my girl my day one …my woman crush …You finally proved all of them wrong ….congratulations are in order..enjoy your marriage life …my ride or die 😚😚😚✔💯♥️👭♥️🔥#thegown is on 💯#igotyouforlife

Bridget of course, could not hold throwing shade at Mishi Dora who was confident saying there would be no wedding at all. But hey, there was a wedding. To Risper and Brian, we pray for a happily ever after for the two of you!