Ringtone vs Kaspul

Politician Dr Kevin Kasipul, who was one of the committee members in Papa Dennis’s funeral arrangements, has called out singer Ringtone.

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The controversial gospel artiste while addressing mourners said that Sadat contributed Ksh6,000 towards Papa Dennis”s funeral.

wHAT rINGTONE IS SAYING IS A LIE! He needs to style up and mature because he knows the whole thing is lies. I don’t what was the motive behind his remarks,’ he said.


Sadat contributed 200 euros at first then bought clothes Papa Dennis was buried with, which cost 27,000 and the family can attest to this. It was bought at the junction mall.  Ringtone had earlier said that  Papa Dennis should be buried with clothes worth Ksh4,000 -5,000. he said that was the budget.

Kasipul also responded to Ringtone’s remarks that only artistes contributed to the funeral. He said that Sadat’s friends among them politicians and businessmen also contributed, contrary to Ringtone’s remarks.

He (Sadat) added another 10k through his sister Vusha. His friends also came through. The Maliza Umaskini CEO really played a big role in the burial arrangements.

Sadat Muhindi

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The politician who unsuccessfully vied for Kasipul Kabondo in 2007 revealed that the Pamela hit singer contributed 10k.

He contributed Ksh10,000 and in total, we raised 365,000 minus Mike Sonko’s 70,000 and Caleb Hamisi’s 10k and pledges,’ he said.


For the pledges, I don’t know what happened because I’m sure they sent later to Ringtone, the chairman of the committee. That one I can’t talk about it. kAMA ALITUMIWA PLEDGE AENDE a sort family ya papa Dennis.

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