silvia njoki


If there is anything you can learn about Fashion is that Oversized everything is in. Oversized sweaters are perfect for winter, oversized sweaters went from lazy day clothing to extremely trendy and weirdly sexy clothing.

Oversized T-shirts have become another word for dresses and the same applies to oversized denims. 

Oversized denim jackets have a different vibe from a “regular” denim jackets. The jacket should like they are too big for your body whether they are longer, wider or slouchy.

The big jean jackets that are popular right now look kinda rugged and vintage, but when paired with a certain item, they become stylish for the coolest of casual street style stars.

Layer a big denim jacket over a dress to make it work for any season whether summer or winter. It looks more awesome when they are both at the same length. 

Silvia Njoki is here to help the ladies on how they can rock that Baggy Denim Jacket like a street style star.


Today, we were privileged to feature one of Kenya’s most celebrated fashion icon, Silvia Njoki. She is a renowned Kenyan fashion stylist and the creator and inspirational manager of the blog Style By Silvia’  and also founder of style yetu.