They say every market has its own mad person, the same applies to clubs.

Just like the market, there are different types of people you’ll meet at a club.

If you’re keen, anytime you go out, you’ve noticed that a lot happens from the dance floor to the washrooms and even behind the DJ’s booth.

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Below are some of the craziest things that happen in city clubs, go through and let us know in the comments section what you think.

  1. Ratchetness

This is usually witnessed in average city clubs, where people between 18 to 26 usually flood to.

At such a club, be sure of spotting a drunk woman heckling, fighting or even staggering and falling everywhere.

They’ll even piss on themselves and vomit after drinking what they can’t handle. Even if such a woman is taken to a classy joint, their ratchet behaviour will always shine through.

2. Twerking to any song including gospel songs.

Image result for gifs of a woman twerking

3. Giving blow jobs and getting fingered

Women do crazy things in clubs especially after getting drunk.

Videos of women giving men blow jobs in washrooms, dance floor and even in lounge chairs inside clubs are all over.

Some are even caught on camera being fingered by random men or partners.

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4. The touchy-feely type

These chics are known for entertaining every man and going around kissing people they don’t know.

Some even hug anyone they meet including strangers. My dear sisters, pombe sio supu.

5. Crying and telling their stories after getting drunk

These types of yengs are the emotional type. They will always tell sob stories about their lives including their ancestors. They will cause drama all night making those around them uncomfortable.

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6. Poll dancing

Just so you know, most clubs which are fitted with polls are strippers joints. But some women when they get high, they end up jumping onto the ramp and trying out the poles. In most cases, they end up injuring themselves.

7. Touching men’s private parts

If you’ve ever been to a stripper’s club, you have seen how women thirst over male strippers.

From caressing their sexy abs to grabbing their pants to feel their load. Women do crazy things in the name of ‘having fun’.